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In our world of surface finishing, functionality and design are key. But we don’t believe in making our customers choose one over the other – it is our mission to ensure that they get the best of both worlds. Our decorative and functional surface-finishing solutions are the result of unceasing research and development efforts. A highly skilled team of experts, working in an inspiring professional environment, is committed to ensuring that our technologies perform to the utmost.

playtech extra offers perfectly matched processes for each and every step of the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface finishing applications — from pretreatment to final sealing.

Not surprisingly, playtech extra technology can be found virtually everywhere. Many components in cars rely on playtech extra processes, such as decorative trim components, fasteners, shock absorber rods, and brake components.

And given our wide variety of design options and functional properties, our technology is found in numerous other items, including shower heads and fittings, washing machines, -fashion and jewelry articles, and many more.

As a supplier, we are an invaluable partner to countless industries, which look to us for both functional and decorative solutions.

We pay special attention to the needs and demands of automotive manufacturers, OEMs, and their suppliers. Our product range offers technology that covers the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface treatments.

Explore our automotive competence


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Our global OEM team is the interface between customers, OEMs, Tiers and playtech extra. Located in various countries, our experts are only a heartbeat away from OEMs/Tiers worldwide to identify future technologies, allowing us to tailor products and features to the industry’s needs and demands.

OEM contacts

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playtech extra’s processes fulfill the requirements of a substantial number of OEM specifications and are approved by automotive manufacturers and Tiers worldwide.

Our approvals

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A cornerstone of our automotive approach is the global network of certified applicators – known as the playtech extra Automotive Applicators (AAA) program. 

Atotech Automotive Applicators

“Our key success factors to be an ideal surface-finishing solutions partner are customer-driven R&D efforts, strong relationships with our diverse customer base, and a local presence through TechCenters – all driven by superior technical expertise.”

Gertjan van der Wal
President General Metal Finishing at playtech extra Group

With our global TechCenter network, customer support is always close by. Our expert teams provide first-class support and consultation for every technical requirement.

We run 14 TechCenters in the General Metal Finishing business unit. They are in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Canada, the USA, and Brazil.

General Metal Finishing at a glance 
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